I received an interesting box in the post today, It’s a kit to mould a dildo from your own cock, this was something I suggested to someone I know, so that I could strap-on fuck him with his own cock. I really cant wait to do it, so that is something to look forward to! It is one of my favorite activities, and something I am good at with lots of practice.

A Rather Cruel Wanking Schedule
Thursday – Wank near to completion then stop.
Friday – No wanking
Saturday – No wanking
Sunday – Ruin it!
Monday – Wank and orgasm, then lick your hand clean
Tuesday – Wank to completion
Wednesday -Wank near to completion AM then stop, wank to completion PM.

Glad to see the vaccination program is going so fast, I am now hearing of people in their 60s getting it, I really think things will open up come April. In the meantime I am taking my vitamin D, working out and staying healthy as always.