Some lovely sessions, but one of the first was with Cowboy Chris, who arrived, and changed into his cowboy boots, and cock and balls tied up tight, then six strokes of the Irish school strap to both his hands, each time he moved, he got an extra one, dancing around in pain after each stroke, he did make me laugh. I do like giving a good spanking and caning, a little tip to anyone into the cane, wearing speedos, or that type of nylon swimming trunks allows me to really go for it as it protects the skin from cutting, even a small dot of blood on my cane means it gets binned, so if you don’t want to buy your own cane, but want a good hard caning, try nylon swimming trunks, and yes it still hurts. Please let me know if you would like your own cane when you come to see me, as I am looking at putting an order in soon.

Some webcams, one today with me showing off my vast collection of spanking equipment with someone who may just get brave enough for a session in real life! The most popular sessions are with my legs in tights/holdups and heels, for anyone into leg fetish. I am still doing webcam and phone chat at short notice only on the day, feel free to call me for details.

Surrey Hampshire Mistress