The only problem with this time of year is working out, I really put a lot of effort in and get my heart rate up to the aerobic zone and so I have a large fan on me, plus an air-conditioning unit, that cools the room right down in the warmer months, I would love to work out in a fridge if possible. I used to work out in gyms but the air con was never strong enough, and I got fed up of people hogging the equipment, mostly the weights, I could sit there for ages, while someone camped on a piece of equipment, making my workout take double the time. In the end I decided to buy some really good quality equipment as long term it was much cheaper than a gym so I bought an “all in one” gym to do all the weights, a pull up and dip station, and a cross trainer. I have saved myself a small fortune in doing this, good thing I have the motivation to use it. So this morning I did an exhausting workout, at 7.30am which I really enjoyed and left me feeling energized for the day. The only thing I enjoyed about the gym, was going on the the leg press machine which a man had just used, and putting the pin further down to press much more weight than him, I used to get comments on that! I have very very strong legs, trouble is when I went to far, my legs got a bit too muscular, so now I just work them out with the cross trainer.

I received a lovely box of chocolates in the post, a very welcome gift, my absolute favorites which I am rationing, I love going into London to the Paul A Young shops (hopefully soon) I am staying in watching TV, some programs from the 70s like “Jason King” fun to watch just for his outfits (did anyone really dress like that?), and some real gems on “Talking Pictures”, makes you realize how times have changed, especially in the last 20 years.

Happy to see things gradually going back to normal, when I popped out today, the roads were busy, plenty of people around, and almost everything open, was so nice to see. Also looking at the official covid figures the rates are going down even more.

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