Another week of lockdown, I am still well, I am very lucky and still know no one who is ill with coronavirus, so that’s good, I hope everyone reading this is doing well.

I have had more calls to check I am OK, statistically someone of my age, a healthy weight with no pre-existing conditions will be fine, so personally I am not worried about my health at all, I worry more for those who are in the vulnerable categories who it could make very ill.

I have also had people asking me when I will be sessioning again, and the answer is I really don’t know. When I do start up again, I will be, as I normally do, changing the hand towels every time someone uses one, fresh clean towels for showers, and taking all my normal precautions disinfecting all the surfaces to keep everything clean. I will also be wearing my sexy black latex gloves! which I think look great on me 🙂 I think with the list of activities I do, which don’t involve swapping body fluids, I am at as much risk as a hairdresser/tattoo artist/physio, so my feeling at the moment is when they open I will too. I will be sticking to my normal no more than 2 sessions a day rule, absolutely no back to back sessions (again as usual), meaning a long gap in between and I am the only person who works from my premises. As soon as it is safe for me to be back working I will post it on here.