I don’t know about any of you, but last week I lost track of what day it was, I didn’t leave the house for a week, thank goodness the weather is better, and I have a garden.

I have done more webcam shows in my dungeon, which makes everything feel a bit more normal. Now time to order an Easter Egg, I absolutely love them, but cant decide what to get this year, I ended up getting a Waitrose one covered in cocoa nibs and nuts (gets 10/10 from me), and have had that early, so it doesn’t really count. I had planned on going into London to my favorite chocolate shop, that’s obviously cancelled, so thank goodness as of this month they have an online shop.

I watched a documentary about Vladimir Putin, I am now quite away through “The Ozarks” on Netflix, sorted out piles of books and clothes to give to the charity shop, really boring stuff.
Infact, this is probably the most boring blog I have ever written, it’s really to show that I am still here and well, and hopefully you are all too.

Mistress Rose
Hampshire Mistress / Surrey Mistresss