Today, I have very sore legs, a prolonged ass fucking session with my victim lying on his back legs in stirrups did that yesterday, my legs are getting more solid and muscular by the day thanks to people like him. I have already got to the hardest level on my Nordic Track cross trainer which when I first go it would have killed me.

More sissy photographs sent to me of one of my sissy girls in her new outrageous frilly costume, it inspired me to buy some pink examination gloves to use when I next see her, and any other sissy, much more humiliating than the black ones.

Music, do I play it in a session? well luckily as I am in a detatched property which is triple glazed I don’t really need it to drown out the noise from spanking etc, the only times I have played it is on request, using my amazon Alexa, who knows just about every song ever created. One of my favourite occasions, well several actually, is when I get a certain someone to lapdance for me to Brittany or Christina Aguilera for my amusement, I did try playing the Nolan sisters, but he had never heard of them, I just assumed everyone in the world knew “I’m in the mood for dancing”. So background music is not really something I put on, but if you want it, I can play just about anything.

Also quite a few wanting to book in advance without a deposit again, I have no requests for months, then they all come along at once, if I allowed this I would be doing half the sessions I currently do, due to cancellations and being messed about, so as I always say, on the day via the phone, or in advance with a deposit.

Also to my fellow Netflix/TV addicts, I re-watched Black Mirror again, which is fantastic, and new episodes are coming out in the New Year apparently, I just wish I had the imagination to write like that, I really love the episode with the prime minister and the pig, as well as San Junipero. Electric Dreams on Channel 4 was also good short stories by Philip K Dick, especially enjoyed the episode filmed at Woking station. Back in the 1980’s it was Tales of the Unexpected, which I watched again on Youtube and Sky, I wish they made more shows like that with short stories, there was one with Joan Collins I really enjoyed, as she is my inspiration when I play the lady boss. I am logged into Skygo binge watching Midnight Sun, which is also great. That’s the trouble these days, too much to watch, not enough time, I will end up with square eyes.