Still here and very well, looking forward to the lovely hot week ahead. I am so pleased to see with each week things are improving, lots of businesses reopening and the 2 meter rule hopefully going down to one meter this coming week. Hairdressers and barbers re-opening in July to the relief of so many people, and I am looking forward to going out for an al fresco meal , although I like my cooking, it will be nice to have someone else do it for the first time in months.

As Requested Another Wanking Schedule
Monday – Nothing
Tuesday – Wank twice until you nearly cum, then stop
Wednesday Wank last thing at night then cum
Thursday – Wank as much as you like
Friday – Nothing
Saturday – Wank and ruin it 🤣
Sunday – Wank once in the morning and don’t cum, wank to completion in the evening.

Webcam and phone chat still available, call me for details 🙂