Some great sessions since I am now back no normal after so much time off last month with all the work I had done on the property.  I do enjoy my role plays, and have been a Nurse and Doctor as well as the lady boss this month, apparently, I have a good bedside manner.  I have a very smart white therapist’s dress, as well as a selection of smart suits to wear to do this.

Spring seems to have sprung, my favorite time of year, although I am an agnostic, I do enjoy Easter.  I am a bit of a chocolate connoisseur, making a special trip into London to visit, Neuhaus, Läderach, Venchi, and buy something from all of them.  Sadly my love of Ferrero Rocher has gone, it was the cheap supermarket chocolate I always had a thing for, but they are just not the same, the taste and crunch in my opinion are totally different, the same goes for all the old favourites like Quality Street, Roses, they just don’t taste the same anymore.  The only supermarket chocolate I really rate now is Tony’s Chocolonely.