A busy start to the month, and some lovely sessions, my abdominal muscles and legs feel like steel now with the amount of strap on I have done, even more solid than normal.  Every position imaginable, bent over, on back in stirrups, or my victim lying flat on my treatment couch biting the pillow as I do press ups on top of him.

A certain sissy has been keeping me updated on her progress and made me wonder whether I should buy this to embarass her https://www.firebox.com/Jizz-The-Game/p8594 

It looks like fun, although she thought I would fill it full of real spunk if I used it on her,hmmmmmmm.

Someone else turned up, with half a box of my favorites, Ferrero Rocher, he got hungry so opened them up on the way over to see me and had the cheek to eat half of them, his corporal punishment session was a bit harsher than anticipated as a result.

And lastly thanks for all the people contacting me on my 12th anniverary as a domme, it was really appreciated, I can’t believe I have been doing it for that long.