I am writing this perched on the edge of my seat, with my big cuddly teddy bear of a cat taking up most of it, I am totally under the paw, unable to get him to move, he looks so comfortable.

It has been a strange week, instead of in person sessions, they have all been on the webcam in my dungeon, which has been fun (call me for details)

To try and take my mind off things, I have become a television addict, the new series of “Better Call Saul” dark but very funny, “Ozarks” season 3 on Netflix and the trekkie in me loves “Star Trek Picard”. Practising my German is up and down, I am using a program called Duolingo, which is great, but it has been hard to concentrate with all that’s going on, I think I will learn much better if I stop watching the news.

So far food is OK, I did my monthly Costco shop just before the panic buying, I had run out of just about everything so made the trip and was so glad I did now the house is well stocked. I am a good cook, so not really missing eating out yet, I have more time on my hands so spending an hour cooking is no problem. Still working out as I have a home gym, so I am very lucky.

It may not feel like it now, but this will pass, if anyone reading this is feeling terrible, and I have been there, we all have, try and do something to keep busy, take your mind off it, it does not solve the problem but makes us all feel better, I know it’s extremely hard to do that sometimes especially for those of us who are self employed, or have lost work. I plan on doing some gardening, painting a wall, really practising the German, then getting back to sessioning refreshed sometime in a few weeks.

In the meantime I dream of sitting on the beach front, in my favourite town in Spain, with a cold drink and a huge ice cream when all this is over.

Hampshire Mistress
Surrey Mistress