Over the years I have stored things for people coming to see me, most people who buy them off me take them home, but others want storage at my place. I store them carefully in freezer bags with the mobile phone number on plus an identification number so they cant be muddled up. There are various items that have been left with me for years, even before the pandemic, so I am having a throw out at the end of this month unless I am contacted to keep these items and you intend to visit, if you are a regular visitor I will not throw anything out. I cant store items for people who have not seen me in the last 12 months before the pandemic, it is just not practical.

I am unable to store lots of bulky items, as it takes up too much space here, I have had requests for this, but just cant accomodate. I am however, happy for items to be sent to me for sessions, as long as you can take them home with you.