I have been a professional dominatrix now since December of 2006, my website has been up all this time.  As I say on the main site, I am a bit different to others in I like contact via phone call, and don’t use email and dislike texts.  It means that you can just call me and have a chat about booking a session and hear my voice, you will know it is me.  When you turn up for your session you will hear I am the same person! 

Unfortunately from time to time people have used my pictures to put profiles on various websites, another was reported to me last night.  This has happened to me many times over the years on popular social media sites, as well as dating sites, fetish contact sites, you name it.

I have never been a member of Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife etc as a Mistress or in my personal life.  I have no interest in social media, I am a bit of a dinosaur and call people up on the phone if I want to talk.  I don’t promote myself on social media, and have no desire to join.  To be honest I find it all rather boring. I prefer to use this site to promote myself as I am in total control of it.  So if you see a profile on any of these sites, it 100% will not be me,  you will be talking to a scammer.  This is not just happening to me, but just about everyone in the business.  Many major celebrities are also victims as well as anyone who post pictures of themselves on-line.  Just watch MTV’s Catfish program to see some eye-opening stories on this.

I have put a couple of lines about this on my “About Me” page warning people about this, but thought I would do a post on here to alert people.  If you want to book a dominatrix, a genuine one will have a website, and insist you speak to them over the phone so you can hear their voice if they are not established/well known.  Most pro-dommes (unlike me!) are on social media, if in doubt look on their website where they will have links to their official profiles as a further safeguard, many have had fake profiles put up by scammers.