At last, I have finally managed to get some, that actually fits me!. I have a 34inch inside leg, which has meant it has been impossible to find anything long enough until now, from ASOS of all places, I cant believe anyone would wear these trousers out of the house though, they are skin tight shiny black PVC, and I got a PVC bra to match.

People who see me will know the absolute pain it is to get fetish wear that fits and this is why I have virtually none of it. I have an hourglass figure, and long legs, I buy things and the crotch is too low, the waist is too big, or the trousers are too short and look like pedal pushers. On dresses it is just as bad as the proportions are always out.

Hopefully these trousers will last, if they are popular I may have to buy a few pairs to keep in as I don’t think they will be selling them for that long.