I have another number/website you can find my details on which is suitable for work as it has no adult content. This is only being given out to regular clients. If this is of interest feel free to call me, I dont give any details out via text. I am getting concerned about censorship online, and the amount of people who cant save my number on their phone for various reasons.

I have found on a mobile connections to view my site you have to prove you are over 18 as sites like mine are flagged as Adult, despite me having the cleanest mistress site on the web. You can get round this by calling your provider and telling them you want this block taken off, they will take a credit card payment of about £1 which is instantly refunded, this proves your over 18. Another way is in the mobile phone shop you have a contract with, show them ID, and get them to remove it there.

I have really gone out of my way to make my site tame, no topless/nudes, I dont post any naughty session pictures anymore, so hopefully my site will never be affected, but you just never know.

Another visit from Cowboy Chris this week. When he comes back to see me after such a short time it clearly means he has not learnt his lesson. under my house rules six of the best is compulsory. Cowboy is, therefore not allowed to leave until he has completed his punishment. Another aspect of the discipline is the administration of extra strokes over and above six for misbehaviour, stood on the discipline spot. The rules state that pulling away causing a missed stroke warrants extra. Sometimes he can’t resist pulling away resulting in a slightly missed stroke, he then ends up pleading with me to allow it to count towards his total. I am strict but firm in my decisions, if extra is deemed then extra is always given.