I am starting to get worried about the “Online Safety Bill” currently going through parliament, which could make it difficult/impossible for me to advertise online in the future, we will know more in the coming weeks hopefully, if there are any legal experts out there that know more on this I would be happy for you to contact me. For more info on this Big Brother watch have a good video on their YouTube channel, there are many other articles out there.

In the meantime store my contact details
Remember to save my contact details somewhere, and not just rely on being able to access my website or adverts each and every time you contact me which is what most people do, to do this some people put my number in their phone and reverse the last 2 digits, then reverse them back again to call me.

I have had people not be able to get my site up due to blocking software by their ISP or mobile provider, or settings on their browser, some people even have VPN’s (please google VPN for more info on what these are and do) running that put them in a different country which changes the search results again making them spend lots of time trying to find my site/adverts and nothing appearing, leaving them confused as to why I can get my site up instantly on my PC and phone when I search and they cant.

Many google my mistress name to find my website, when all you need to do is type www.mistressrose.co.uk to the address bar on your browser and my site will appear, so no need to search for it.

I have tried my best to make my site as clean as possible, i.e. no nude images, no explicit blogs and advertise my services in a way that is only interesting to adults who want to book me. If for any reason my site or adverts do disappear due to censorship, don’t assume I have retired, if I ever did this I would leave a message on my answerphone for at least a year for anyone attempting to contact me so they would know my situation.

I hope that I can run this site, and advertise for many years to come, just remember to save my number!