A few articles on the “Online Safety Bill” as I really don’t think people quite get what could be about to happen, and I urge to you read up on it.

Some very good info here Online Safety Bill Blog

Big Brother Watch

Petition Here

It is very important that everyone is made aware of this, as it could mean that in 2024 I am unable to advertise online, I am a dominatrix not an escort, but the same rules would apply to me, there may be work arounds at the moment we just don’t know. After a horrible 2 years of the pandemic which have been very stressful for us all, and now a recession probably in the 3rd quarter of 2022 (if the people I know who work in finance are right), plus the cost of living crisis this will be a disaster for people in my industry and could not have come at a worse time.

I have been doing this now for about 16 years and I have a large client base, so if they save my number, I should be OK for quite a while, but even for me it will cause major problems and stress I really don’t want or need.

I have thought about mailing lists, but how many would want to be on one being sent my availability by email weekly? let me know what you think when you see me, I expect for many this would be a no. So as I have said before, save the numbers of anyone you visit, I say this as many people look my number up each and every time they visit me, and do not store it anywhere.