Now we can all go out, have a meal outside, a tattoo (if you really want one), a haircut, and all the shops are open. Deaths are now under the average for the time of year, and lots are getting their second jabs, the Covid rates in my area are now down so low, it is like it was in the Summer last year.

I am no longer taking any advance bookings, everything is now on the day for the time being, the reason being that too many people I know are having several days of side effects from the vaccines, and it seems unpredictable as to when they start, due to this I really don’t want to put lots of people in my diary, only for them to cancel last minute, and I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to see me when they are not feeling great, worried they are letting me down.

On another note, I do not need to know your vaccination status for you to see me, as I think that is a private matter, and none of my business.