I was looking at the Amazon.co.uk “Movers and Shakers” it’s always interesting to see what the top sellers are, during the summer when it was really hot, it was sun cream, fans, all the normal things you expect when the weather gets hot, then in the new year it comes down to diets and low fat cookery books. I must add here that I have no qualifications in nutrition, or health/diet advice, my approach is less scientific, and in my opinion, more effective. If anyone wants to loose weight with my help it goes like this.

The Mistress Rose Approach

Eat less
Go to the gym and lift weights and do some cardio.

If you don’t slim down and make your targets, I will use my biggest dildo on you for a good 10 minutes, and then spank you leaving nice red caning marks across your bum that you will be unable to hide at home or at the gym when your in the showers. The fear and humiliation alone will be the motivation you need to meet your goals.