I ordered some new things today, 2 pvc dresses for me, hopefully they will fit, I can never seem to get anything PVC to fit properly, luckily I dont get many requests for it these days, but hopefully I should have 2 outfits that fit next week. Amazing that I bought them from a normal online fashion shop, not a sex/fetish shop, I cant believe people would really go out wearing clothes like that, but anyway. While I was doing that I bought some things not for me, a secretary dress (size 16) and a sissy prom dress with nettling and sequins/sparkles (size 18) for my cross dressers, as well as 2 cheap little black dresses in size 14 which have a bit of stretch for your inner slut.

For anyone looking for outfits ASOS is a great website as it has a “Curve” range which caters for plus size women, and at a really cheap price. I am able to order clothes in for delivery to my place if any of you cant have packages delivered to your home. I also have a proper tailors measuring tape, if you are unsure of your size. IF a dress is stretchy it is not so important, but for fitted styles with no give it is.