Some people are asking me how to do a bank transfer as this is now my preferred method of payment, although I am still happy to take cash.

If you have internet banking, it is very easy, simply go to the make a payment section of your banking app on your phone, or on your banks website. It will then ask you if you are transferring money into a personal or business account, I have a business bank account. The next step is to type in my bank details which I will give you, the bank will then confirm that the sort code and account number match the name I have given you so that you know the money is going into the correct account, the payment is then instant.

The business name is very nondescript, and if you type it in to google, brings up thousands of companies worldwide with the same name so impossible for anyone to figure out what the payment is for, so no embarrassing names on the bank statement. Due to it being so fast I can take payment as you arrive, or if you prefer you can do it before the session start time, whichever is easier.

The name of the account you transfer the money to must be the name I give you, you must not change it to something else, if you type in something else, the payment will bounce due to the banks doing fraud checks as the account names don’t match, this is all due to the new confirmation of payee the banks are all signed up to and it’s to protect their customers from transferring money into the wrong account which is so easily done. I can check the correct name has been entered via my banking app once you have made the payment.  Also when prompted for a reference for the payment, just type in that days date, not some dodgy fetish reference.

Update as of July 23

******Some banking apps will ask you if you want to save my payee name on your online banking, most people then save me as a name other than my business name not realizing that this will then change the business name to my bank, making the bank transfer bounce.  If you save me as a payee, please keep my business name the same.

Since I started to do bank transfers (which have been very successful)  about 1 in 5 people will change the name of the account I have given them to something more memorable despite me telling them not to do it as above, examples of payee names people have used are dominatrix, mistress rose, m rose, and various other variations, even names of totally different companies, I get charged 30p every time people do this in bank charges.

People are doing this so that when they look at their online banking they will know it’s me as it’s more memorable than the totally anonymous company name I give them.  Generally they will do this after the confirmation of payee section in their online banking app confirms they have my account details correct, they then press the back button, and change it thinking all is OK.   Each and every time this is done the payment bounces as the bank think you have made a mistake as the names no longer match.  Also if you put a dodgy name like Dominatrix or fetish whatever as the payee name, it will be printed on your bank statement, which is why I went to great lengths to choose a company name that is totally discreet, and not googleable.  Please just type my details in as shown in the text I will send you, and don’t put any daft fetish references, simple!

Some people don’t trust internet banking, if this case you can make the payment via telephone banking if you have this set up, or as I have said I can take cash.

The bank I am with does not have branches, so it is not possible to pay cash into the account over the counter unfortunately.