Here is my availability for the week ahead.

Monday July 3rd – Free from 9am-6pm

Tuesday July 4th – Free from 9am-6pm

Wednesday July 5th – Free from 9am – 6pm

Thursday July 6th – Free from 9-6pm

Friday July 7th- Free from 9am-6pm

Saturday July 8th – Free from 9am – 6pm

Sunday July 9th – Free from 9am-6pm


Easy Booking System

To book, just call me on the day via the phone, no texts, calls only.  No deposit is required.  I do not accept bookings in advance.

Payment by bank transfer (preferred method) or cash.   Please only use cash to pay me if you are unable to do a bank transfer as it is hard and expensive to bank cash, I am still happy to take it however.


30 Minutes Bookings

As of today, I have stopped doing 30 minute bookings with new clients, they were always arranged as my website clearly says at the last minute with no more than 30 minutes notice, so that I did not turn away 1 hour plus bookings for half hours.   I did maybe 2 a month at the most, fitting them in at short notice, mostly to people into spanking.  I have had a few people book hour long sessions in advance, then when they get to me, say they can now only do 30 minutes, knowing that if they had been honest I never would have taken the appointment booking.  Today I turned a 90 minute session with a regular client away, only for someone new to turn up and play this trick on me, and they were sent on their way.  It is a rotten thing to do, and so now 30 minute sessions are being taken off the site, and will only be with existing clients who see me.  After years of doing them successfully with no issues, it’s sad it has come to this.  Since the end of the pandemic, people have become so unreliable.