It’s good to be back again, a great week. I will not be available on Monday 19th for my first session of the day until after 3.00 I can answer the phone before 8am, then after about 2.30. All the other days this week I am around as usual, phone on from 7am.

I had the great idea to get someone to mould their cock, then I would fuck them with it on a strap-on harness, when shown a photo of the results of said kit, I laughed out loud as it came out as a 2 inch dildo of just the tip of his cock. I have agreed to help him in his second attempt, and hope to become an expert at it!

Lots of spanking again, someone reminded me I should buy a heavy soled slipper to add to my collection, so I will try and sort that out soon, I have every piece of spanking equipment you could need, apart from that.

Then reminiscing about slutty Samantha, all dressed up in her red corset, collar, stockings (with lipstick tucked down the lace tops) and very high heeled boots, after unpacking my black boots and finding they badly need replacing, but this time I am not going to get the 7 inch heels, as I could hardly walk in them, on the plus side they made me 6ft4.