Sex workers/Dominatrix are allowed to work from July 1st in the Netherlands, I think they were talking about September a while back!

I cannot wait now, and am 99% sure I will be working again in July although I don’t think the UK government will give the same guidelines to me that the Netherlands does I will have to play it by ear. It will be great as I was one of the 3 million unfortunate people who didn’t qualify for any government help (thank god for savings), despite declaring everything I earn and paying lots of tax, I paid my July bill and really hated pressing the button on my online banking when I did it. I have had quite a few clients call me in the same boat, but I am sure in the next few weeks most of us will be back at work, maybe not as busy as we once were, but being able to work will be such a relief.

I do worry about the arts & theatre though, I was about to book tickets for a show in May, which then got cancelled, then Cameron Mackintosh cancelled all his shows for the year, and lots of theatres are assuming they cant do Panto this year which makes them a huge amount of money. It would be devastating to see our theatres close, I feel terrible for all those who have lost their jobs and I hope they get some well deserved support, to all those I know in this industry I am booking tickets for September when some shows will hopefully be back on.

To all those who supported me booking webcam and phone, I am eternally grateful, and very lucky, you all got me through those difficult months and kept me sane. I will continue doing webcam/phone even when things get back to normal.

Surrey/Hampshire Mistress