Hope everyone is doing OK, I got a bit fed up yesterday, it’s normal to have good and bad days, I am lucky in that at least I can make an income virtually, if it was not for that I would have had nothing coming in at all until I can start up again, and thank goodness for savings. I have been talking to people who have literally lost their income overnight and have found it hard if not impossible to find any other work in the meantime, so many people don’t get any help, they may have changed jobs at the wrong time, earn over 50k even by a few pence, run a small limited company, or got made redundant, it is horrible. How do you live on nothing, or support a family if you get minimal help, not everyone has the opportunity to build up vast savings to support themselves for long periods of time.

The economy is being thrashed to bits, but also we have lost so many lives of our elderly in homes, people who are much loved parents and grandparents, it really breaks my heart, both situations are terrible. However listening to Doctors on the radio and online, the numbers are reducing and I really hope we can all get back to normal soon and what we have done has worked. I really dislike the term “the new normal” I don’t want a new normal, I want to eat out in a restaurant that can operate making a profit, which they cant do if everyone has to social distance, I don’t want to wear a mask or queue to get in to a supermarket, I don’t want small businesses to go bankrupt, or any business for that matter.

To cheer myself up, I keep making post lockdown wishlists.
Meal in a restaurant
Trip into London, with visit to my favorite chocolate shop, who have just started selling online, so at least I can satisfy my cravings that way for now.
Trip to my favorite cake shop
Meet up with family and friends
A day out anywhere
Cake shop tour of Budapest
and lastly, and it will be last, to sit in a beachfront bar in Spain, with an over the top ice-cream and a coke.

Yes, I know there is a lot of food there, but I have my own gym equipment so soon burn it all off. That’s one of the good decisions I made quite a few years back, to buy equipment outright, cheaper than gym membership fees if you are like me and workout daily.

We will come out of this situation, and I cant wait.

Payment for services in person
I am looking at taking less cash in the future, I am a sole trader, with a trading name on my business bank account which is very vague and impossible to identify if you google it, meaning if you pay me via internet banking, no one reading your bank statement will know what the payment is for, they will guess it as someone in a trade. I am also currently looking at taking cards.
I declare what I earn, so I really don’t mind how someone pays me, although I will still be happy to take cash, as that is totally anonymous.

For details of webcam and phone chat sessions, just give me a call for details.

Also thanks to all those who have called, checking up on me, it has been so nice to hear from all of you, and to see that your OK, it really has been a pleasure and I am lucky to have you all.