It’s all gone so quickly, now for my least favorite month of the year February, why do I hate that month so much? It’s the month mostly likely to snow, or get really cold, and have horrible weather. You cant really do much outside without wearing layers and layers of clothing. Someone told me to look at it another way, after February spring starts and it will start to get warmer, so that is how I am going to try to look at it.

A lovely start to the day today, that left me with a very clear nose. A session with lots of deep heat, a lovely relaxing ball rub with a generous dollop of the stuff massaged it, to someone with balls of steel, as unlike 99% of people I do this to, he did not wriggle around in pain needing me to get it off him with a cold wet towel. Then as if that was not enough, I put some on the dildo as lube for the strap on, however he could not apparently feel that. Deep heat sometimes makes me sneeze, must be the menthol.

I also discovered some new chocolate truffles, Booja Booja hazelnut ones, I think they have promoted them alot as it as been Veganuary, and these are free of animal products, although you would never know it as they really melt in the mouth, they are very rich though so you can only eat one at a time.

The huge big dildo I bought last week has so far not been defeated, I think it may be too big for anyone to take so will stay as an ornament on the top of my cupboard. If anyone is brave enough they are welcome to try, I have huge amounts of lube and extra large condoms at the ready.