I tried the E-Stim on myself again last night, as I always say if I can dish it out, I must be able to take it too, so I lay down attached the electrodes it up, and got upto the 80s, yes really!, started at 20% then went higher and higher. It was great going through all the modes and how they all felt different. I did do this quite a while ago, but needed to try again and see if I could get higher which I did, much more than I thought I would.

Wanking Schedule (as promised for S)
Wednesday 7th – To wank over the ballbusting video I mentioned in my phone call. No orgasm
Thursday 8th – No wanking
Friday 9th – No Wanking
Saturday 10th – Weekend off
Sunday 11th – Weekend off
Monday 12th – Wank over the ballbusting video again and no orgasm.
Tuesday 13th – Same as above
Wednesday – Wank and cum