I thought I would post my availability for the month as I am getting calls wondering if I am working during the holidays. Christmas is not a big deal for me, I tend to take my time off when the weather is nice and hot where I can enjoy it. How I wish I could transport myself to somewhere hot and sunny!

Monday 9th – Free all day
Tuesday 10th – Free all day
Wednesday 11th – Free all day
Thursday 12th – Free all day
Friday 13th – Free all day
Saturday 14th – Free until 5.30
Sunday 15th – Free all day
Monday 16th – Free all day
Tuesday 17th – Free all day
Wednesday 18th – Free all day
Thursday 19th – Free all day
Friday 20th – Free all day
Saturday 21st – Free until 5.30
Sunday 22nd – Free until 5.30
Monday 23rd – Free all day
Tuesday 24th – Free all day
Wednesday 25th – Not available
Thursday 26th – Not available
Friday 27th – Free from 4pm for clients I know only. If you want to see me on this day you must arrange before 10am, or after 3.30, I wont be able to answer the phone at other times.
Saturday 28th – Free from 9-10.30am only
Sunday 29th – Free all day
Monday 30th – Free all day
Tuesday 31st – Free until 6pm

If my availability changes, I will adjust it on here.
As always call early to get the time you want, phone on from 7am (yes really). My availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day, no deposit is needed for on the day bookings. For 9-10am bookings please call me as close to 7am as possible.

Booking a session in advance is not a problem but I take a deposit to do it, see https://www.mistressrose.co.uk/bookings/
I have been doing this for over 13 years now so your deposit is safe, and if you give me 3 days notice I can transfer the deposit to another day. Deposits are not required for on the day bookings.

Just a reminder that evening bookings after 6pm are for existing clients only.

Rail Strikes
The trains are not reliable in this area at the best of times, over the past few months I have ended up in taxis to get home and on trains taking me to a totally different area then a taxi as I have not been able to get to my local station or the train has been cancelled, I have never known it to be this bad. There is also a strike on for most of this month making things even worse. If you can drive instead of using the train it will be much easier. If coming by train, do what I do and take 2 trains earlier than the one you think you will need, if I can see you earlier I will try and do this if by some miracle you arrive early. But not to be too depressing try this website, it really made me laugh at sums up the situation perfectly https://southwesternfailwaystore.bigcartel.com/

This week
It was an entertaining week, the lovely Samantha turned up in her high heeled red boots, collar and basque, very well turned out and very tarty. Some really lovely caning sessions where I got incredibly accurate marks on my victims, that I was very proud of. Importantly though I was doing what I really enjoy, after 13 years of doing this I only do what I like doing and can do well, I don’t want or need several rooms of kit (although there is nothing wrong with that), I prefer to specialise, probably why I have lasted so many years. It has to be fun for both parties, and I do like to session with a smile on my face.

Tonight I am spending in, watching Netflix and Amazon with the cat, I just watched the Irishman which I give 5*, another show on Amazon Prime “Mr Mercedes” which is based on a Steven King novel, I had already seen the first 2 seasons so really enjoyed the 3rd 5* again. Now watching Boss with Kelsey Grammer, only just started that, so we will see. What did we do before multi channel tv.

Surrey/Hampshire Mistress