There are a couple of services I have offered in the past, that I now am unable to do or are restricted.

Clothes/Equipment storage terms

1\ I still am able to do this for existing clients who have things here with me at the moment and the bag is no bigger than the average supermarket carrier bag, but unable to offer to anyone else going forward due to space.

2\ I will also be charging £20 a month to do this if you don’t session with me on a regular basis (this means at least once every 60 days).

3\ Clothing or equipment will be disposed of if I don’t hear from you after 3 months.

If anyone has equipment/clothing with me that they want to pick up, please give me a call, I don’t expect you to book a session to arrange collection.


Buying in equipment/clothing to be sent to my place, instead of yours, is still OK, as long as you can pay me via bank transfer, or, buy it yourself and have me as the delivery address.  I can only pay a fraction of the cash into my business bank account these days due to the country going cashless (that’s most of you reading this!).  Giving me money in cash to buy something online is just not possible anymore.