I bought my hold-ups from M&S for years, then late last year, they changed the manufacturer and the band at the top was huge,  they fell down as soon as I put them on, it was the same with the smaller size.

This left me, and people who come to visit me who like to wear them with a dilemma, where to buy a good pair of lace top hold-ups at a reasonable price.  Thanks to a client who came to visit me a month ago, I now have the answer, Tu at Sainsburys at £5 for 2 pairs.   They are not as lacy as the old M&S ones, but still very good, and hold really well, if you can’t find them in store you can order online and collect at your nearest branch.  They will package your online order in a black bag, so no one will know what you are picking up.  If you know how to put them on, and wash them by hand they last ages.  If anyone wants to try a pair on in a session, just ask as I have plenty!

I buy the large/extra large as my legs are long, and they still have plenty of stretch in the band, so if you have bigger thighs they should still fit.

More Expensive Hold-ups

If you want something prettier with more lace, Calzedonia are great, with plenty of stretch in the band, like the Sainsburys ones.  However, they start at £12.99 a pair, they do a huge variety including seamed and fishnet.  The quality is great and they last a long time if you wash them by hand carefully.