So, I thought I would look back at this month session wise.

Ben – How is the diet going, remember the penalty if you don’t make your target, I need you to contact me and update me on your progress, you better be lifting weights and not just doing cardio, I want to see muscle tone when I next see you.

Sissy S – I do love receiving your pictures, it puts a smile on my face, you are the most dedicated Sissy I have ever met. Have you got the floral duvet cover yet?, you should not be sleeping in a bed with plain bed linen. I have seen some online that I think would be suitable, just let me know.

S Wanking Schedule, I may have to do you another one if you are up for it, I like remotely controlling your cock!

Lots of enjoyable sessions as usual, and I have been complimented on my strong right hand for spanking quite a few times, lots of teasing sessions as well, these are more psychologically painful for my victim, but such fun, I cant stop laughing when I do them as I enjoy the immense frustration it causes.

Also, for those of you who like to plan in advance, I am going to be busy between the 25th-27th of Feb so not free during those dates.