I currently have 3 brand new canes for sale, I buy these in for people who cant have them delivered to their home address and want their own personal cane.
I have 1 lightweight Junior Kooboo cane at £21 (the least painful of all the canes in my opinion), and 2 Junior dragon canes at £27, if anyone wants them give me a call, they are made by Quality Control.

I also bought a ball weight online, see here, I have mentioned this to several people who were thinking of ordering from China, and to see what I thought when it arrived.
It cost me £22.66 for the 500gram one, the amount debited from my bank account slightly differs from the amount displayed on the site due to currency rates and charges made by my bank when buying from abroad), and was ordered on the 21st of August and arrived today. What I love about this weight is it is magnetic so new mucking about with screwing it together, and it makes it really easy to get in and out of, the magnets are strong enough to keep everything on securely. The weights are exactly as the photos say and I was happy with the time it took to arrive, it was also packaged well with lots of bubble wrap around it and arrived in a jiffy bag with the customs form saying the package contained a “metal ring” so quite discreet.