Here is my availability for the rest of the month.

Monday 18th – Free all day
Tuesday 19th – Free all day
Wednesday 20th – Free all day
Thursday 21st – Free all day
Friday 22nd – Free from 12.30 – If you want to see me on this day, you need to call between 7am-9am, or after 12.30
Saturday 23rd – Free until 6pm
Sunday 24th – Free all day
Monday 25th – Not available
Tuesday 26th – Not available
Wednesday 27th – Free until 3pm
Thursday 28th – Free after 3pm, if this changes I will post here.
Friday 29th – Free all day
Saturday 30th – Free all day
Sunday 31st – Free until 6pm

As always my availability is good as 99% of people arrange to see me on the day, phone on from 7am
Please dont call me at times I state I am not available, as I wont be able to answer my phone.

If you are thinking of seeing me on the way back from visiting relatives in my area, which happens alot at this time of the year, please only call me once you have left them and know you can make it, lots of last minute cancellations in previous years due to family visits over-running.