Rest Of May Availability
I am available all day Thursday 27th and until 5.30 on Friday 28th. I will then be taking the bank holiday weekend off to catch up with people that I have not seen in many months.

Dates I am not available in May, Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th/Monday 31st.
If there is any change to this I will post up on here.

I will be around as normal in June apart from the 1st and 2nd all other days so far I am available to session.

As always call me on the day to arrange a session, phone on from 7am. I do everything on the day only.

I am still not taking advance bookings, so no more requests for them please as virtually everyone who advance books cancels on the day, or late in the evening the night before, even if I take a substantial deposit, everyone then wants to reuse the deposit for another date. Many then promise me if they cancel they will pay me in full for wasting my time, in 15 years of doing this, only one person has actually done it and kept their word!

I hope everyone has a fantastic bank holiday, and enjoys the summer weather, as the forecast says it will be warm and sunny for once.