Availability for the rest of December. If anything changes I will update it on here.

Monday 20th – Free until 3.30pm
Tuesday 21st – Not available
Wednesday 22nd – Available from 9am-12pm
Thursday 23rd – Available from 9am-12pm
Friday 24th – Free from 4pm-7pm
Saturday 25th – Not available
Sunday 26th – Not available
Monday 27th – Free all day
Tuesday 28th – Free all day
Wednesday 29th – Free all day
Thursday 30th – Free all day
Friday 31st – Free until 5pm
Saturday 1st Jan – Not available
Sunday 2nd Jan – Free all day

A great week last week, just dissapointed my London trip had to be cancelled today due to the tube strike, but I decided to take the day off anyway. Lifted heavier weights today in my gym session, and will try Creatine over christmas after a reccomendation to make me even stronger, just watch out if you are into spanking as it may get more painful!