Monday 22nd August – Free from 11am-6pm
Tuesday 23rd August – Free from 9am-6pm
Wednesday 24th August – Free from 9am-1.30
Thursday 25th August – Free from 9am-6pm
Friday 26th August – Free from 9am-6pm
Saturday 27th August – Free from 9am-5pm
Sunday 28th August – Free from 9am-6pm
Monday 29th August- Free from 9am-6pm
Tuesday 30th August- Free from 9am-6pm
Wednesday 31st August – Free from 9am-6pm

All appointments are on the day only, phone on from 7am (yes really), I am free from 9am-6pm, evening appointments after 6pm are with people I have seen before only. I am a morning person getting up at 6am every day, so I prefer daytime if possible. For 9am appointments which I am happy to do, please let me know as close to 7am as possible as I need a good 2 hours notice.

Bank Transfer
I am now able to take payment via bank transfer, either at the start of the session or in advance of it even if you are coming to see me for the first time. I have tested this method and it is instant for both of us. I have a boring business name that sounds nothing like what I do so totally discreet. The amount of cash I can bank in a month with my bank has now been drastically decreased so taking payment this way is really helpful, however if you still want to pay with cash, that is absolutely fine.

Heart Issues/Strokes/Blood Thinners
I have seen a dramatic increase in people coming to see me who are taking blood thinners/aspirin. Due to these issues it is extremally important that you warn me if you are on these drugs, you will mark and bruise easily if you are taking them, and there will be some things I will be unable to do.

Although the Online Safety Bill has been postponed until after the Tory leadership election, it could still happen, due to this remember to save my number and the number of anyone else you visit, so that if our sites are all taken down, you still have our contact details.