A reminder that my rate is now £180ph and is payable at the start of the session, never at the end.   I have had issues with people trying to pay the rate I had 5 years ago of £160,  I am sure this is a genuine mistake, but I thought I would post a reminder.

Availability For December 2022


Thursday 1st December – Free all day

Friday 2nd December – Free until 6pm

Saturday 3rd – Not available

Sunday 4th – Not available

Monday 5th – Free until 6pm

Tuesday 6th – Free until 6pm

Wednesday 7th – Free until 6pm

Thursday 8th – Free until 6pm

Friday 9th – Free until 6pm

Saturday 10th – Free untl 5pm

Sunday 11th – Free until 3pm

Monday 12th – Free until 6pm

Tuesday 13th – Free until 6pm

Wednesday 14th – Free until 6pm

Thursday 15th – Free until 6pm

Friday 16th – Free until 6pm

Saturday 17th – Free until 5pm

Sunday 18th – Free until 6pm

Monday 19th – Free between 9-10am

Tuesday 20th – Free until 1pm (possibly  a little later call to check)

Wednesday 21st – Not Available

Thursday 22nd – Not Available

Friday 23rd- Free until 6pm

Saturday 24th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 25th – Not available

Monday 26th – Not available

Tuesday 27th – Free until 6pm

Wednesday 28th – Free 9-11am

Thursday 29th – Free until 6pm

Friday 30th – Free until 6pm

Saturday 31st – Free until 4pm

All appointments are on the day only with no exceptions, phone on from 7am (yes really). For 9am appointments which I am happy to do, please let me know as close to 7am as possible as I need a good 2 hours notice. Half hour bookings are only available with a maximum of 30 minutes notice if I can fit them in.

Bank Transfer/Cash Struggles/Cypto
I am now able to take payment via bank transfer, either at the start of the session or in advance of it even if you are coming to see me for the first time. I have tested this method and it is instant for both of us. I have a boring business name that sounds nothing like what I do, and a million results come up on google when you type it in, so totally discreet.

The amount of cash I can bank in a month with my bank has now been drastically decreased by 60% so taking payment this way is really helpful, banking cash now means a train trip, and a 10 minute walk there and back to the bank, taking around 2 and a half hours to do a week per trip, I am also charged fees to do this. Due to what I do I can’t use a regular high street bank. However, if you still want to pay with cash that is fine as I understand for some there is no other way they can pay my tribute. I can also now take most major crypto currencies call me for details.

No Evening Bookings – I rarely do evenings at the moment as I am looking after someone in ill health, appointments from 5-6 need to finish on time due to this as it is not possible for me to run late under any circumstances, please consider this before making an appointment at 5pm.  This does not apply to day times at all, only evenings.

Rail strikes are on the following days this month 13th /14th/16th/17th.  Please do not attempt to come by train on these days.