Monday 8th – Free all day
Tuesday 9th – Free all day
Wednesday 10th – Free all day
Thursday 11th – Free all day
Friday 12th – Free all day
Saturday 13th – Free all day
Sunday 14th – Free all day

As always call early to get the time you want, phone on from 7am. My availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day, no deposit is needed for on the day bookings. For 9-10am bookings please call me as close to 7am as possible.

You are welcome to arrange a session in advance, but I take a deposit to do this, see

Another visit from Cowboy Chris this week for six of the best, he really does not learn. Cowboy is however besotted by dominant women and in that sense he has come to the right place. His session is me dressed in a suit, wearing high heel stiletto shoes, I role play the nasty bitch. It tantalises him to be swaggering in with a big grin on his face, a grin which lasts as long as the first stroke after which he is dancing around with pain, from then on I have to use firm strict command’s and threads of extra to keep him on schedule. That schedule is at a rate of around one stroke every 10 seconds which for those of you good at arithmetic means its all over in two minutes. With Cowboy there is no question of a happy ending, his punishment is formally administered and that’s it, he is left with tingling palms from that black leather Irish strap, a memento for his to go home with.