Availability 6th – 12th September

Monday 6th – Free all day (apart from 3.20-4.20)
Tuesday 7th – Free all day
Wednesday 8th – Free all day
Thursday 9th – Free all day
Friday 10th – Free all day
Saturday 11th – Free until 5
Sunday 12th – Free all day

As usual call on the day to arrange, I am not doing any advance bookings at the moment.
I get up everyday at 6am, and workout early, so I prefer bookings during the day between 9-5, I can occasionally do evenings, but by then due to getting up so early I get tired, so to get me at my best, daytime is better for me. For appointments around the 9am mark, please let me know as close to 7am as possible so that I can be ready in time.

I have emailed my new pics to my webmaster so they should be up at some point this week, I am really happy with them, I smiled a bit more, did a bum shot!!! fully clothed in tight shiny leggings, wore boots, and dressed up as the office bitch, I hope you all like them.