Here is my availability for the upcoming week.

Monday 6th – Free all day

Tuesday 7th – Free all day

Wednesday 8th – Free all day

Thursday 9th – Free all day

Friday 10th – Free from 1pm

Saturday 11th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 12 – Free all day

As always 99% of people book me on the day, so call early to arrange, my phone is on from 7am

For anyone wanting to see me after 5.30 weekdays, the traffic during the rush hour has been terrible recently much worse than normal, what someone thinks will be a quick 45 minute drive ends up taking double that.   I have had people running extreamly late to the point of cancelling sessions as I can no longer wait.  I would rather any appointments made after 5.30 were only arranged if you are very local to me, or you have allowed double the time you think you need to get here.  Please check traffic reports before you leave, and allow plenty of extra time, or try and arrange to see me at a quieter time of day.


It was a great week, a sissy came to see me in a very lovely dress and ultra frilly pink panties with matching pink chastity device, and a present of 2 walnut whips.  She is coming along very well with her training and can now take a respectable size dildo, a higher amount of electrics, and a hard caning.  No doubt today she is looking at her stripey bum as a reminder of today.  She intends to buy a dress we both agreed on, pink pvc with satin lining, and as soon as it arrives I will be sent a picture of her in it.

I did do alot of spankings this week, it is amazing how hard I can go without marking some people and they develop a leather like skin.  Pushing people to take more and more, within limits of course.  Someone had to take 8 different pieces of equipment and 28 strokes with each, which was a bit of a push, but we did it, amazingly he only ended up with one small mark.

Someone else called me up and wanted to come and see me but his trip to the UK was cancelled, so he is going to make it another time soon, and wanted me to give him a nick name, I chose “Button Dick”, he thought that was a bit out of order, after all, he said it was a bit bigger than a button, how cheeky was that!!!!!!, his nick name will always be “Button Dick” ask me to give you a name and you take a chance, and have to live with it.

The “Man Rammer” the big black dildo with an easy grip handle also got used, I love using it just a threat sometimes too, pressing it against someones tight asshole, all lubed up ouch.  So it was a great week, and in the end I took today off, put my feet up and watched Netflix.