Here is my availability for the week ahead if you can get petrol to get to me! Please only arrange an appointment if you definitely have fuel. What a nightmare this has all been, lots of cancelled plans, and sessions due to something that has never in my lifetime been an issue before, lets hope it gets sorted out quickly.

Monday 4th – Free all day
Tuesday 5th – Free late afternoon, call for details.
Wednesday 6th – Free all day
Thursday 7th – Free all day
Friday 8th – Free all day
Saturday 9th – Free all day
Sunday 10th – Free all day

If you are coming to see me please keep a note of both my numbers, I am having signal problems again, most calls get through, but the odd one has problems.

I have been sitting with my cat in my time off, watching TV, some great shows on Talking Pictures TV, I have watched “Public Eye”, which was a really exceptional show, now I am watching “Justice” another show from the 70’s starring Margaret Lockwood, I cant understand why these shows have not been reshown earlier. Sometimes with all the madness going on, it’s nice to watch shows from a time where everything was a bit more normal. I have found other old shows on You Tube, but some feel very dated when you watch them, whereas others really stand the test of time.

All appointments on the day only at the moment, phone on from 7am. Appointments after 6pm are for people I have seen before.