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Tuesday 5th – Free all day
Wednesday 6th – Free all day
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Friday 8th – Free all day
Saturday 9th – Free until 5.40
Sunday 10th – Free all day

As always call early to get the time you want, phone on from 7am (yes really). My availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day, no deposit is needed for on the day bookings. For 9-10am bookings please call me as close to 7am as possible.

Just a reminder that evening bookings after 6pm are for existing clients only.

You are welcome to arrange a session in advance, but I take a deposit to do this, see

Cowboy Chris

At the start of November Cowboy Chris was back again for his punishment. Given his numerous appearances I suppose there is nothing particularly newsworthy about that. As ever his boots weren’t properly polished which gave me an excuse, if ever I needed one, for giving him six of the best. As ever we agree on the session by phone so that it began the moment he entered the door. Our conversation was minimal and I told him to “report to me within three minutes” which just about gave him time to get dressed in his ridiculous outfit of cowboy boots and belt. Reporting to me meant knocking on my door and waiting.

Inside my chamber, to give him a taste of what is about to happen, I laid a few strokes of the Irish strap across my padded spanking bench. That way Cowboy could hear the sound of that “crack” stood outside. Hopefully, when I called him in he would be quaking in his boots. When he entered the chamber he had forced grin on his face, a grin which I wiped off at the first of the six strokes. The subsequent discipline was over within a matter of a few minutes, but that’s what he wanted. He is besotted by dominant women and in no time he was dancing about in front of me with his useless cock bouncing up and down out of synch waving his palms in the air. I have to admit I wanted to laugh, however I managed to keep a straight face and exude qualities of exasperation and impatience sending him away telling him not to come back.

Wanking Schedule for S (or anyone else who wants to follow it)
Sunday 10th – Wank as you like
Monday 11th – No wanking
Tuesday 12th – No wanking
Wednesday 13th – Want until you nearly cum then stop, twice in a day
Thursday 14th – Wank as you like
Friday 15th – Wank and ruin it!
Saturday 16th – Wank as you like.

Hampshire Mistress Rose