Availability 4th-10th December

Monday 4th – Free all day

Tuesday 5th – Free all day

Wednesday 6th – Free all day

Thursday 7th – Free all day

Friday 8th – Free all day

Saturday 9th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 10th – Free all day

As always call on the day as early as you can to get the time you want, my phone is on from 7am.  My availability is good as 99% of people call to arrange a session on the day.


Sad News

I had a very sad day on Saturday, and took the day off to recover, one of my cats sadly became very ill suddenly and passed away on Saturday morning, he had a peaceful death.  He had a hard time the last few months after having a leg amputated, he bounced back for a while, but in the last 2 weeks, I could see that although he was not in pain, he did not have long to go.  I took him in as a stray young cat and had him until he reached 9.  I would appreciate it if people would not mention him to me this week, as it will set me off, alot of people who come to see me are fellow animal lovers and we are always talking abour our cats and dogs and will ask about him, so thats why I am mentioning it.  I am still around and working, as it makes me feel better and sitting doing nothing does not help.  I am a positive person and like to remember the good times I had with him, and the joy he bought to my life.