Availability 3rd to 9th December/General Availability This Month/Traffic

Monday 3rd – Free all day
Tuesday 4th – Free all day
Wednesday 5th – Free from 11 (I wont be able to answer the phone between about 9.00-10.15 as I will be out)
Thursday 6th – Free all day
Friday 7th – Free all day
Saturday 8th – Free all day
Sunday 7th – Free until 6

As always please call as early as you can on the day to get the time you want, phone on from 7am. My availability looks good as 99% of my appointments are made on the day.
Appointments for 9 or 10 am, please let me know as close to 7am as possible to give me time to get ready.

This is not really a holiday I enjoy, its always cold and wet at this time of year, and I am not in any way religious, I will be working over the Christmas period, with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing day.

A warning about traffic, and this happens every year about this time. I have had lots of people arrive late this week and last due to traffic, it’s a busy time of year on the roads just before people take time off for Christmas so please allow plenty of time to get to me, more than you normally would, and read the traffic reports before you set off.

November was a great month, I took some time off, did some great sessions, it’s also my 12 years as a domme anniversary, my website has been up all of those years and I registered it on the 5th of December 2006, amazing to this I have been doing it this long.
Apologies for my blogs being a bit boring of late, I have just been using them to update my availability, hopefully will be more on here in the next few weeks.

Also apologies to Samantha, I didn’t remind you of your training session last week, you will just have to make time this week or else!