Availability 3rd – 9th September

Monday 3rd – Free all day
Tuesday 4th – Free all day
Wednesday 5th – Free all day
Thursday 6th – Free all day
Friday 7th – Free until 12
Saturday 8th – Not available
Sunday 9th – Not available.

As always my availability is good because 99% of people book me on the day, please call as early as you can to get the time you want, phone on from 7am. For appointments at 9 or 10am, please call me as close to 7am as possible to give me time to get to the venue I use (this place is used exclusively by me, I DO NOT share with other ladies).

A note about being on time/first timers, if you are booking me for a first time session, and I don’t hear from you by the session start time, I will assume you are a no-show and contact others wanting an appointment, I normally only do 2 sessions a day, so I am not rushing about and people who are genuine usually call me 10 minutes before their start time to get directions so that they are not late. Years of experience tell me that first timers rarely if ever call me after their session start time as they want to make a good impression, and if I don’t hear from them by the session start time they are not turning up at all. If you do run late, call me before the session start time so that you don’t get your time with me cancelled.