Availability 3rd-9th June

Monday 3rd – Free all day
Tuesday 4th – Free all day
Wednesday 5th – Free all day
Thursday 6th – First session at 1pm, then free until 5.20
Friday 7th – Free all day
Saturday 8th – Free from 9-10am only
Sunday 9th – Free all day

As always call early to get the time you want, phone on from 7am. My availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day, no deposit is needed for on the day bookings.
You are welcome to arrange a session in advance, but I take a deposit to do this, see https://www.mistressrose.co.uk/bookings/

Also some advance notice for June I am taking a few days off from the 15th-22nd of June, I have one session left that can be advance booked on the 19th as I am around on some of that day, I will only be able to take advance bookings from people I know on that date, and not on the day.

I am also having people ask me about websites which are safe to view with no adult content to get my contact details
I have the following domains www.surreymistress.co.uk and www.hampshiremistress.co.uk as well as www.mistressrose.info
Very simple sites that just have my name “Mistress Rose Surrey/Hampshire Dominatrix” and my contact telephone numbers, no details on services I provide, no pictures or blog, I created these for people who want to look up my number and nothing else who already see me. I also have another safe for work site, which I give out verbally to people who see me which has a number that wont come up for anything connected with domination if googled, if you want these details feel free to ask me in a session.

I am doing all this due to seeing more and more censorship online.