Availability 30th July to 5th August

Monday 30th July – Free all day
Tuesday 21st July – Free all day
Wednesday 1st August – Free all day
Thursday 2nd August – Free all day
Friday 3rd August – Free all day
Saturday 4th August – Free until 6
Sunday 5th August – Free all day

As always my availability is good because 99% of people book me on the day, please call as early as you can to get the time you want, phone on from 7am. For appointments at 9 or 10am, please call me as close to 7am as possible to give me time to get to the venue I use.

A great week with someone lifting a 10kg kettlebell with their balls, while I watched terrified he would rip his balls off, until I saw this https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/balls-steel-watch-chinese-kung-4716904 So he does have a way to go to get to this guys level.
I have ordered lots of cheap nylon tarty outfits from China for those of you who like to dress up, cant wait for them to arrive, some lovely fishnet dresses and ass-less panties.