Availability 29th October – 4th November

Monday 29th – Free all day
Tuesday 30th – Free all day
Wednesday 31st – Free all day
Thursday 1st – Free all day
Friday 2nd – Free all day
Saturday 3rd – Free until 6
Sunday 4th – Free until 1.30, then free after 5.30 (for appointments on this day, I would appreciate you call as early as possible to arrange, preferably before 9am, I cant answer the phone between 2.30 and 5)

Please call early to get the time you want, phone on from 7am, for appointments at 9 or 10am please call as close to 7am as possible to arrange.
99% of people book me same day which is why my availability looks good.

Just bought a new one, it’s long and blonde with a centre parting , I tried it on myself and I looked like Dolly Parton minus the big boobs. I made a bit of a mistake as it’s too long and too thick for use in multiple sessions, so if anyone wants to come along this week and wear it while they are all dressed up, I will let them take it home free! I will buy some next month but they will be much shorter and easier to look after.