Monday 28th Feb – Free all day
Tuesday 1st March – Free all day
Wednesday 2nd – Free all day
Thursday 3rd – Free all day
Friday 4th – Free all day
Saturday 5th – Free until 5
Sunday 6th – Free all day

strong>All appointments are on the day only, phone on from 7am (yes really), I am free from 9am-6pm, evening appointments after 6pm are with people I have seen before only. I am a morning person getting up at 6am every day, so I prefer daytime if possible.
Please do not book a session if you are ill, I am happy to see you once you are back to normal.

30 Minutes
I do a couple of 30 minute appointments a month they are not popular but I occasionally get requests for them, please do not call trying to book these hours or days in advance, 30 minute appointments can be booked with 30 minutes notice last minute only as per my website.