Availability 27th September – 3rd October

Monday 27th – Free all day
Tuesday 28th – Free all day
Wednesday 29th – Free all day
Thursday 30th – Free all day
Friday 1st Oct – Free all day
Saturday 2nd – Free until 5
Sunday 3rd – Free all day

All appointments are on the day only, phone on from 7am (yes really), I am free from 9am-6pm, evening appointments after 6pm are with people I have seen before only. I am a morning person getting up at 6am every day, so I prefer daytime if possible.

I am hearing about a lot of colds going around at the moment, you can tell it’s bad when you see adverts on the TV for cold remedies. Although I seem to have a bullet proof immune system these days and take Vitamin D/C/Zinc/Quercetin daily to keep healthy, please don’t come to see me if you have a cold, even a mild one, as if I get it, I wont be able to session until totally recovered. At the moment everyone assumes if you have a seasonal cold it must be Covid, when mostly it’s just the same old bugs that go around every year which are pretty harmless. Once this whole thing is over I will not be bothered, but at the moment stay away if you are ill.