Monday 25th July – Free until 12.30.
Tuesday 26th July – Free all day
Wednesday 27th July – Free all day
Thursday 28th July – Free after 11.20
Friday 29th July – Free all day
Saturday 30th July – Free all day
Sunday 31st July – Free all day

For the hot weather I have an air cooler to keep the temperature down, the earlier you see me the better on really hot days as that is when it is cooler.

All appointments are on the day only, phone on from 7am (yes really), I am free from 9am-6pm, evening appointments after 6pm are with people I have seen before only. I am a morning person getting up at 6am every day, so I prefer daytime if possible. For 9am appointments which I am happy to do, please let me know as close to 7am as possible as I need a good 2 hours notice.

Please do not book a session if you are ill, I am happy to see you once you are back to normal.

Remember, the “Online Safety Bill” which has been postponed now until September, is still on the cards, unless something drastically changes, sites like mine could disappear overnight, please save my number and the numbers of anyone else you see, don’t bank on being able to look my phone number up on my site each and every time you call me.